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What is rhinoplasty ?.


Rhinoplasty is surgery that changes the shape of the nose. The motivation for rhinoplasty may be to change the appearance of the nose, improve breathing or both.


Does rhinoplasty have any complication ?.


- Allergic reaction and Infection is the two common complication. The expertise of your surgeon is key to reduce risks.


Is it long-lasting ?.


- Rhinoplasty is essentially permanent, but it does not stop the aging process. As you continue to age, your face will change, and that includes changes to your nose, too.  But in comparison to other parts of the face, surgical enhancements to the nose are likely to have a longer duration of effect.

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Open rhinoplasty Method.


Open rhinoplasty is an approach of rhinoplasty in which a small incision is made on the nose, over the columella and between the nostrils, allowing the surgeon to fold the nasal skin upward. This provides better visibility to the entire nasal framework.


-Advantages of open rhinoplasty: the surgeon have better exposure and eliminate defects of the nose more accurately.


-Disadvantages of open rhinoplasty: columella scar. 


A. Types of nose that should have open rhinoplasty surgery.


- Short nose with upturned tip.

- Deviated nose.

- Bulbous and thick tip.

- Asymmetric tip and nostrils.

- Low or short tip.

- Secondary operation for nasal tip.

- Removal of injected foreign material.


B. Materials used in rhinoplasty.


+ Autogenous tissues.


Autogenous Cartilage nose surgery uses autogenous tissues and cartilages such as rib cartilage, septal cartilage, ear cartilage, fascia, and dermis harvested from our body that can be solely used without foreign implants or combined with foreign implants depending on the surgery method. These materials prevent unwanted risks of infection and rejection, lead to a natural result.


+ Alloplastic implants.


Although they are often regarded to have higher chance of complications ( infection and rejection) compared to the autogenous tissues, they have none of problems related to donor-site morbidity. Using correct techniques and appropriate materials, the side effects for using them are not significantly greater than the side effects from autogenous tissues.


C. Artificial filler materials are quite popular such as: Silicon, Surgiform cartilage, Gore-Tex, Siligore ( or Goresili ),…


+ Sillicone implant.


Sillicone implants is the most widely used in rhinoplasty thanks to its charesteristics: flexible and easy-shaped. However, for not being autologous material, it may result in possible risks of infection, and extrution.


Therefore, to have good outcome, you should choose a highly qualified surgeon with many years of experience.


- Pros of Sillicone:  no height change over time – easy to predict the outcome.


- Cons of sillicone: capsular contracture can lead to bending implant.


+ Gore-tex implant.


Gore-tex is better in integrating with the underlying tissues which gives a more natural look to the nose.


- Pros of Gore-tex:  this type of implant is immobile and can’t be bended.


- Cons of Gore-tex: height loss a little bit after years and has higher rate of allergy than sillicone.


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Closed rhinoplasty method.


This procedure is usually done in 15 to 20 minutes, quicker and more simpler than open rhinoplasty.


The surgeon makes small incisions along the inside rim of the nostril. Your nose surgery is then carried out through your nostrils, without venturing near the outside skin or tissue. Closed rhinoplasty was the first method of nose surgery to be practised, and is still widely used by expert surgeons today.


Advantages of closed rhinoplasty: no visible scarring, less swelling of tip, recovery is quicker than open rhinoplasty, cheaper.


Disadvantages: surgeon can’t reshaping the tip of the nose via this procedure.

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Alar base reduction.


It’s a surgical procedure used to reduce the width of the nostrils. Rhinoplasty surgeons often use the procedure to correct size or flared nostrils that aren’t in proportion to the rest of the person’s face.


This surgery can be performed as part of rhinoplasty or stand-alone procedure. The scars are small and positioned so they are not noticeable. They will be fade away over time.

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