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Nasal wing reduction.


Nasal wing reduction will help nasal wing being smaller and harmonizing with your face, hence, your face will be looked slimmer and much more beautiful. Because nose is the center of the face and nasal wing plays an important part in symmetrical your face.


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lily luta thu gon canh mui


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Lương Bằng Quang thu gọn cánh mũi


thu gọn cánh mũi


Nasal wing reduction is a very gentle and simple surgery with local anesthesia.


How long does it take to do nasal wing reduction ?.


Time of surgery: 15-20 minutes.


Does the surgery leave scars ?.


The incision is at the nasolabial fold, so there is no scar, less pain, and quick recovery. The nasal wing incision is sutured with non-biodegradable sutures and the sutures are removed after 5 to 7 days.


You can do normal activities immediately after surgery. Nasal wing reduction is often combined with rhinoplasty to make nose slimmer and more elegant.


>>> In conclusion, nasal wing reduction is a popular plastic surgery today because it is a simple, gentle surgery that makes your face slimmer and much more beautiful.


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* The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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