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Endoscopic breast augmentation was Dr. Thai first applied in Vietnam in 2007, thanks to endoscopic breast augmentation surgery, breast augmentation aesthetic becomes much softer and safer.

Although a lot of beautiful people in showbiz have been more attractive and successful after the 1st cosmetic lift at Viet My Cosmetic Hospital. But before that public opinion is still strict, so the beauty is not public. Today, breast augmentation is very common, breast augmentation helps women to be more confident and successful in life, so the beauties after being endoscopic breast augmentation by the Thai doctor Chiem Quoc, have confidence in themselves. Cosmetic surgery declaration in the press, no longer concealed as before. Typically, Miss Ky Duyen has publicized plastic surgery here, Miss Thu Dung, A Hau Vu Ngoc Anh, hotgirl LiLy Luta, Miss Vietnamese in Australia Jolie Nguyen, Miss BiKiNi Kim Yen, ...


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