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How is the buttock bag in laparoscopic buttock lift placed, is it natural, is it painful when sitting ?.


Endoscopic butt lift method.


It was first applied by Doctor Chiem Quoc Thai in 2007. It is the current advanced buttock augmentation surgery method. Laparoscopic buttock augmentation is indicated for people with underdeveloped gluteal muscles, little butt fat or those with congenitally small buttock,... Helps to make the body curve more sexy and attractive.


Posterior hip liposuction is often combined with an endoscopic butt lift to sculpt the body with a more attractive curve (often called a broken back). The surgical incision will fade after 1 month.











các loại túi nâng mông


Buttock bags are silicone gel implants that are soft but very durable.


Position of the buttock pocket in laparoscopic buttock augmentation.


Method of placing the buttock bag under the scale (above the muscle).


The buttock bag is placed under the fascia (above the gluteus maximus).




- Simple surgery, less swelling and pain.




- Later, the bag will be exposed, so put the buttocks under the scale rarely used.


The method of placing the buttock bag under the muscle.


Place the buttock bag under the centrally located muscle in the gluteus maximus.




- Naturally, the bag is not exposed, the bag is not visible to the touch.




- The surgery is difficult, the swelling is more painful than putting the buttocks under the scale


The method of buttock augmentation is emotionless: spinal anesthesia or sedation.


Process laparoscopic butt lift surgery.


At Viet My Cosmetic Hospital, we mainly perform the method of placing the buttock bag in the muscle because this method of buttock augmentation gives outstanding results.


- During the surgery, the doctor will make an incision about 4cm in the buttock groove. 


- The doctor will remove the layer of tissue under the skin and muscle of the buttocks, then the doctor will insert the endoscope.


- Through the endoscopic screen, the doctor will accurately dissect the muscle cavity containing the buttock bag to avoid nerve and blood vessel damage, so the surgery will be less bleeding and less painful.


- Two drains will be placed to help reduce swelling and speed healing.


- The incision is sutured with dissolving sutures.



Postoperative care after surgery.


The drain will be removed after 1 day, you must wear special pants for 2 weeks to help reduce swelling and speed up recovery. You can lie on your back immediately after surgery. But you must not sit for the first 10 days.


Complications may occur.


- Bleeding, fluid accumulation, infection, displacement of the pouch, etc. are possible complications but the rate is low.


- The buttocks will completely reduce swelling and be beautiful after 1 month, but to be as natural as the real butt, it takes 3 months or more. You can exercise normally after 6 weeks.


* In general, after breast augmentation, buttock augmentation surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries today, it helps you to be more confident, attractive and happier in life.


hút mỡ bơm mông


hút mỡ bơm mông


hút mỡ bơm mông


hút mỡ nâng mông


hút mỡ nâng mông


hút mỡ nâng mông


hút mỡ nâng mông


hút mỡ nâng mông cho nam


hút mỡ nâng mông cho nam


* The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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