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What is V-Line Chin Augmentation?.


V-Line chin augmentation is a modern popular cosmetic surgery which is non-swelling and less bleeding surgery. Perfect candidates for chin augmentation surgery are people with short chin, receding chin and unbalanced chin. V-Line chin augmentation will make your chin longer, more pointed and balanced for a beautiful toned face. 


Phẫu thuật độn cằm, phẫu thuật nâng cằm, don cam bao nhieu tien


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lily luta nâng cằm


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Real people do real things after chin augmentation, buttock augmentation, nose augmentation, and breast augmentation.



video 3D Chin Augmentation


V-Line chin augmentation surgery can be combined with jaw angle reduction (using Botox injection or jaw angle reduction surgery)to achieve a much more beautiful well-contoured V-shaped face.


* Type of sedation.

- Local analgesia.


* Surgery time:.

- 20- 30 minutes  


* Positions of incisions.


- V-Line chin Augmentation involves incision at one of two positions.


Intra-oral access V-Line chin Augmentation.


This involves a small 3 cm intra-oral incision.




Advantages of intra-oral access V-Line chin Augmentation: No scarring  


Disadvantages: Because of the intra-oral incision, the patients must have light meals for the first 2 days, and only use disinfectant solution to wash their mouth instead of teeth brushing for the first week. The intra-oral incision requires a very good hygiene, since it is very susceptible to infection.  


Submental access V-Line chin Augmentation.






- The patients may eat, drink and do oral hygiene normally after the surgery.

- Because the incision is not inside the oral cavity, infection is very rare.

- Submental access lessens swelling and pain, and reduces augmentation displacement, compared to intra-oral access surgery.


>> Therefore, submental incision is more advantageous and commonly used in V-line chin Augmentation nowadays.


Chin Augmentation material.


Korean artificial cartilage (solid silicon) is implanted, safe and less likely to cause complications. 




V-Line chin Augmentation post-operative care.


- After the surgery, tape is placed on your chin for 3 days to reduce swelling and avoid displacement.

- The suture is removed after 7 days.

- Refrain from hard work during this first week.


>> In bottom line, V-line chin Augmentation is a popular, simple and unproblematic procedure which returns a beautiful balanced and toned face. The V-Line contouring effect depends on the host factor.  


Sliding genioplasty.


- Sliding genioplasty is often performed as a combinative treatment which helps forming a perfect V-Line face. It involves a mandible incision inside the oral circumference (coinciding the incision for jaw angle reduction) allowing the surgeon to make a small cut in the chin bone to reduce the chin. The size of the fragment depends on the thickness of bone outer-part at the jaw angle and body. The bone fragment is fixed with titanium screws.


Sliding genioplasty allows the patient to use their own chin fragment to form a V-Line chin. 


Sliding genioplasty


The images below are copyrighted by Viet My Aesthetic Hospital. May not be copied in any form.


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Nang cam Vline, Don cam Vline, phau thuat don cam o dau dep


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nâng cằm


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hình trước sau độn cằm


* The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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