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How to treat acne, bad scars, and concave scars? Is there any pain? Are there any allergy or side effects?

Acne treatment

Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing and LED Light therapy for acne treatment

Classification of acne:

Mild acne: acne with blackheads and whiteheads, some papules and nodules with pus

Moderate acne: more papules and nodules with pus, small scarring seen

Severe acne: scattered small inflammatory papilloma, a lot of papules and nodules with pus, likely to cause major scars

Fractional CO2 Laser: In micro fractional CO2 technology, the laser beam is split into numerous tiny rays to contact the skin. The small gaps between the rays will not affect the skin and keep it intact, which is much helpful for recovery and healing and complication reduction. Tiny invasive spots in the laser-affected area will stimulate collagen proliferation and skin rejuvenation. Collagen proliferation will go on for the next 3 to 6 months.

Use of CO2 Laser in inflammatory acne treatment does not cause scarring, helps to rejuvenate the skin, and stimulate collagen generation.
Biological LED light in Acne Treatment: This is a biological color & light therapy, especially used for the treatment of skin pigmentation, anti-skin allergy, pore minimization, and improvement of skin bumps, dryness, pigmentation, freckles and dark scars, etc.

Biological light therapy: is the perfect combination of 2 super-power LED photomodulation (photodynamic therapy) and electro-magnetic photomodulation (extreme small electric current and LED light) which allows a wide range of skin treatments.

The two photomodulation techniques in Bio-Light are similar to natural light therapy and accordingly resemble the concept of photosynthesis in nature: our cells use light as a source of energy for many biochemical reactions in the regenerative recovery chain.

Effects: Committed effectiveness >90%, after 6 weeks of treatment.

Protocol: 1 treatment per week, for 6 weeks.

  1. Fractional CO2 Laser for bad scars treatment

Concave scars, pitted scars

- These scars are the result of an extensive necrotic inflammation in hair follicles.


- This is a result of excessive collagen proliferation.

- By the end of 2011, leading European cosmetologists had found out a solution that successfully treats 90% of scars, grooves, shallow and deep superficial lesions, etc. 

They used the deep penetration and high energy of laser rays to stimulate scar tissue proliferation or destruction, while RF waves on damage surface stimulated the proliferation of skin cells around the scars, collagen tissue regeneration and elastin fibers recovery, returning a natural beauty and at the same time rejuvenating for the smoother and brighter skin.

Nowadays laser treatments are vigorously assisted by PRP and Stem Cell technologies, which translate the regeneration of living organisms.

Viet My Cosmetic Hospital has invested in contemporary Laser + RF technologies for scar removal.  

Fractional CO2 Laser for scar removal: This is a highly successful laser treatment for scar removal, skin rejuvenation and groove smoothing. The technology gives a success rate of 50 - 60% after 1-2 treatments; 70 - 80% after 6 - 9 months of treatment.  

The interval between 2 treatments is 3 - 4 weeks.


Acne treatment

Acne treatment

Acne treatment

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