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Double eyelid surgery - Eyelid surgery.


Double eyelid surgery is an aesthetic and safe cosmetic eyelid surgery  method. Double eyelid surgery  is indicated to those who have single eyelids, droopy eyelids or congenital eyelid liners and desire natural beautiful double eyelids or bigger eyelids and much more gorgeous eyes.


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Double eyelid surgery creates new eyelids based on the upper edge of the inborn meibomian region, instead of creating an entire new double fold like in traditional eyelid surgery methods.


That is why the new double fold line is very fine and fits the congenital anatomy, giving natural looking eyelids as if no eyelid surgery has been done.


How is “Double Eyelid Surgery” carried out ?.


Sedated eyelid surgery: local anesthesia.


1. The surgeon draws a double eyelid line on the upper edge of the inborn meibomian region.


2. The surgeon makes an incision at the line drawn earlier.


3. Orbicularis oculi, excess eyelid fat will be partially removed.


4. The incision line is sutured with a fine thread between the skin and the edge of the meibomian region.


Double eyelid surgery postoperative care.


- The suture is removed after 5-7 days.


- The treated eyelid may swell for the first 2 days of surgery; you should apply ice 4-6 times/day for the first 24 hours to reduce swelling.


- You should reduce hard work in the first postoperative week and start physical exercise 2 weeks later.


Comparison between Double Eyelid Incision and conventional double eyelid surgery.


  2 eyelid eye cutting method
South Korea

2 eyelid eye cutting method
usually, common, normal

Results after Eyelid surgery Naturally like double eyelid eyes

The eyelids look quite fake,

The possibility of eye loss Rarely

It depends on sewing techniques
and type of sewing thread

Scar after Eye Surgery

Often lost or blurred completely
after 1-3 months.

Often leave scars


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luong bang quang,. cắt mắt cho nam, nâng cằm cho nam


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hình trước sau cắt mắt


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* The results achieved depend on the location of each person


The above eye-cut images are of American American Cosmetic Hospital. Copyright belongs to Vietnamese American Cosmetic Hospital. Do not copy in any form.

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