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Remove wrinkles with Bo.t.o.x, remove wrinkles without surgery, without pain.

Live chat with Miss Ky Duyen and answer questions about Filler and Bo.t.o.x.

Xoá nếp nhăn bằng Botox


How to remove wrinkles with Bo.t.o.x and what is Bo.t.o.x?. Why can Bo.t.o.x remove wrinkles?.


Bo.t.o.x is the brand name of the product Botulinum Toxin type A manufactured by Allergan company (USA), recognized by the US FDA.


Therefore, Botulinum can help to remove wrinkles such as: forehead, frown, and crow's feet (tail of the eyes), around the lips, sweat in the hands and armpits, etc.


Wrinkles on the face appear because the muscles attached to the skin (located just below the facial skin) contract, causing wrinkles for a long time.


After injecting Bo.t.o.x for a few days, wrinkles began to fade after 1 week, after a few weeks, wrinkles at the injection site were removed.


Usually within 3-6 months there will be no wrinkles at the injection site. Often doctors advise clients not to try to re-move the injected areas, because when we focus and try to re-move the injection area, the effect will be shortened.


Bo.t.o.x drug does not cause loss of skin sensation in the injected area. All for the purpose of helping customers remove wrinkles, rejuvenate the skin.


The amount of local injection is very small. The drug has almost no complications. After a period of 6 months, the drug will be eliminated according to the body's natural mechanism.




- No surgery, no pain, no convalescence, low cost.




- Wrinkle removal with Bo.t.o.x must be repeated after 6 to 9 months.


Photos before and after treatment Remove wrinkles with Bo.t.o.x.


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The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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