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What is Face slimming - Jaw reduction or mandible angle reduction ?.


Face slimming is mainly surgery to trim the jaw angle, in addition, it can be combined with chin sliding surgery or chin implant (mentioned in a separate section), removing Buccal fat bags to create a slim V line face.


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Understanding face slimming surgery.


⁃The angle of the jaw is the bone below the ear. The large jawbone makes the chin contour look thick and makes facial contours unnatural and rough.


⁃Today, jaw angle reduction surgery is a routine surgery in shaping oval, V-line faces for Asian women.


⁃The ridge of the jawbone on the sides of the jaw creating a square face is a common feature in Asians. Although a square face is not considered a disease or deformity, it greatly affects the appearance and confidence, especially for women. 


⁃With the strong development of maxillofacial surgery at Viet My Aesthetic Hospital, along with the support of modern special tools such as ultrasonic bone cutters, endoscopic machines, surgeon can perform Oval or V-shape face surgery with incision in the mouth completely leaves no scars.


trước sau gọt góc hàm


thon gọn mặt


Face slimming surgery process.


• The doctor examines the client's facial features and the defects that need to be corrected.


• General physical examination and tests, 3D X-ray films to evaluate the facial bone structure in detail and accuracy before surgery.


• The patient underwent surgery under general anesthesia. 


• Using the incision completely in the mouth of the lower jaw, the scar is hidden inside the mouth, so it is very aesthetic.


• Gently dissect the tissue to the position of the mandible and chin bone requiring surgery.


• Performing bone cutting with a specialized ultrasonic bone cutter in maxillofacial surgery should be painless.


• Currently, there are many methods to cut the jaw angle to suit each specific clinical case, such as: curvilinear osteotomy, V-line cut, longitudinal split of the outer mandibular plate combined with slide chin reducing and buccal fat bags removing.


• Depending on your requirements or face defects, the doctor will consult and perform the appropriate technique, in order to help you have a beautiful and satisfactory face as desired.


Chin sliding surgery.


• Sliding chin surgery is often performed in combination to make the perfect V-Line face, the method is an incision inside the circumference of the mouth in the lower jaw (the same incision as the jaw angle reduction) the surgeon will remove bone in the center of the chin to reduce the chin.


• The size of the central bone fragment depends on the thickness of the outer plate at the position of the jaw angle and the transverse branch. Fix the bone fragment with the titanium screw brace system.


• Take the cheek fat bag, on the face there are 2 layers of fat, a thin layer of fat under the skin and a layer of fat located deep inside the cheeks called Buccal fat bag. Liposuction when you want to remove subcutaneous fat, but Buccal fat bags must be cut inside the mouth to remove, helping to create a slim face.


• Suture the incision inside the mouth with dissolving sutures (no suture removing required).


• Place drainage to relieve pain, reduce swelling after V- line face surgery.


• The patient was discharged the next day and the drainage tube was removed, antibiotics, anti-inflammatory, and analgesics were used 7-14 days after surgery to prevent infection and reduce facial swelling.


• Patients may have facial swelling in the first days after surgery, swelling will decrease after 1-2 weeks, after 3 months, the surgical results will achieve a natural harmony for the face.


Postoperation care of Face slimming surgery.


⁃ Apply cold regularly for 48-72 hours after surgery to help reduce swelling.


⁃Compressive dressing around the lower jaw continuously for at least 1-2 weeks after surgery to help stop bleeding and reduce swelling.


⁃ Liquid and soft foods diet (milk, porridge, soup) in the first days after surgery.


⁃ In the first week, you should limit brushing your teeth to avoid touching the incision, you should rinse your mouth continuously every morning - evening and after eating with Kin mouthwash.


⁃ After 1 week, you can brush your teeth again with a small soft-bristled toothbrush.


⁃ Avoid strenuous physical exercise, mouth muscles activities, chewing hard food, impact, causing injury to the incision.


⁃ Do not talk much or chew hard foods for the first week to limit the movement of the jawbone.


⁃ Take medicine and follow up with doctor's appointment.


⁃ Do not touch, pull on the lips or apply strong pressure to the wound.


⁃ Apply Vaseline to your lips to prevent dry or flaky lips.


⁃ After surgery, if there are unusual complications such as bleeding, large swelling, high fever, etc., you should contact or see the doctor immediately.


Is Face slimming - Jaw reduction surgery painful ?.


Face slimming surgery is painless, but only mild pain in the first 24 hours and you can use pain relievers. However, jaw angle surgery may experience swelling lasting 2-4 weeks.


* The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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