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Double eyelid eye cutting is a beautiful and safe method of cutting eyes. Eyelid Designated for those with eyelid eyes, eyelid drooping eyes, congenital eyelid eyelids, but desire to have natural beautiful double eyelid eyes or those who want to cut larger, larger eyes and eyes much more beautiful.



The double-eyelid method will create new eyelids based on the upper edge of the innate eyelid cartilage instead of creating a completely new two-eyelid fold as the old eye-cutting methods. Therefore, the new eyelid fold line will be very thin and the innate structure of the eye should make the eyelid look natural like the double eyelid eyes that have never had eye surgery.


How is the surgery "Cut eyes"?


1. The doctor will conduct drawing according to the shore line on the innate lash of the eyelid

2. Anesthesia eye cutting method: local anesthesia

3. The doctor will slit the skin according to the line drawn earlier

4. Eye ring muscles, extra eyelid fat will be partially removed

5. The eyelid will be stitched with a thin, thin line between the skin and the margin on the lash


Postoperative postoperative care


- Sewing thread will be removed after 5-7 days

- When cutting eyelids, eyelids may be bruised in the first 2 days of surgery, to reduce swelling you should apply ice 4-6 times / day for the first 24 hours

- You should limit heavy work for the first week and after 2 weeks you can exercise


Comparison between double eyelid eye cutting method and regular double eyelid surgery



2 eyelid eye cutting method
South Korea

2 eyelid eye cutting method
usually, common, normal

Results after Eyelid surgery

Naturally like double eyelid eyes

The eyelids look quite fake,

The possibility of eye loss


It depends on sewing techniques
and type of sewing thread

Scar after Eye Surgery

Often lost or blurred completely
after 1-3 months.

Often leave scars


Lily Luta carpentry before and after seven days of eyelid surgery - cutting eyelids


cắt mắt hàn quốc bao nhiêu tiền, cat mat han quoc bao nhieu tien

* The results achieved depend on the location of each person
Lily Luta Before and after 3-month Eye Surgery


thẩm mỹ mắt hàn quốc, tham mi mat han quoc, thẩm mỹ mắt, tham my mat


* The results achieved depend on the location of each person


cắt mắt bao nhiêu tiền, cat mat bao nhieu tien, giá cắt mí mắt ở đâu rẻ, gia cat mi mat o dau re, thẩm mỹ mắt, tham my mat


* The results achieved depend on the location of each person


The above eye-cut images are of American American Cosmetic Hospital. Copyright belongs to Vietnamese American Cosmetic Hospital. Do not copy in any form.

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