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What does cheek augmentation do ?.


Too-low cheekbones can easily make the face appear slender and square, which results in an unesthetic appearance. Cheek augmentation surgery at Viet My Cosmetic Hospital is a safe and effective method to make the cheeks more symmetrical and fuller, so that the face will be more attractive and harmonious.


Who needs cheek implants ?.


+ Cheekbones that are low and disproportionate to the rest of the face


+ Sunken Cheeks, exposed cheekbones.


+ People with a fully developed body, who want to have cosmetic interventions to make their faces more delicate. 


Cheek Augmentation techniques at Viet My Cosmetic Hospital.


- There are 3 methods of cheek augmentation that are widely applied with few complications or health problems such as.


1. Cheek augmentation with fillers like hyaluronic acid injections.


This technique is simple, mild, painless, and produces results right away. However, the effective period is short, only about 6 months to a year long. You require another injection if you want to raise your cheeks once more.


2. Cheek augmentation with autologous fat transfer.


 This method use fat tissue taken from the client's own body such as the thighs, waist or abdomen to transplant into the cheeks to make them higher and fuller. Before performing the procedure, autologous fat will be centrifuged to remove blood and plasma, leaving only pure fat. With this method, the fat cells at the transplanted site will not be degenerated and survive forever.


3. Cheek augmentation with cheek implant surgery.


This is the optimal cheek augmentation method because it gives high efficiency and long-lasting results. Cheek implant surgery is a technique that uses two artificial implants inserted into the cheek area through a small incision in the oral cavity.


This implant material helps to create appropriate cheekbones, in proportion to the face, and significantly reduces wrinkles. This method applies modern techniques to improve facial contours, helping owners gain confidence and impression.


Advantages of cheek implant surgery.


+ The raised cheeks are naturally beautiful, the face becomes harmonious, symmetrical and younger.


+ Highly safe .


+ Painless when performed, outstanding aesthetic effect, long lasting result.


+ It effectively conceals scars because the incision is inside the oral cavity.


+ Does not impact how emotions are expressed on the face.


Cheek augmentation surgery process with implant.


- Step 1: The doctor examines directly and provides advices on the shape of the face as well as the proportion of the cheeks that need to be raised.


- Step 2: Measurement and drawing to determine the implant placement and calculate in detail the height of the cheeks that need to be raised.


- Step 3: Surgical skin disinfection and performing local anesthesia at the surgical site.


- Step 4: From a small incision inside the oral cavity, the surgeon create an empty cavity between the cheekbones and the facial muscles. Then, they will put the implant into that newly created cavity and shape the cheeks so that they are most symmetrical and harmonious.


- Step 5: Close the incision with absorbable cosmetic suture. The doctor will instruct the post-operative care and diet.


Instructions for proper care after cheek augmentation.


+ Taking the medicine as prescribed.


+ Apply an ice pack regularly for the first 3-4 days to reduce swelling and pain.


+ Mouthwash and dental hygiene properly, gently so that the wound inside the mouth heals well and avoids infection.


+ Eating soft foods in the first week after surgery, limiting spicy and hot foods.


+ Do not play sports, do not impact the cheeks.


+ Re-examination and self-care as ordered by the doctor.


Results after cheek augmentation surgery.


– The cheeks are naturally raised, the face becomes more harmonious and symmetrical. Leaving no scars, no traces of sugical intervention.


– The result of cheek augmentation surgery is stable and long-lasting.


– The implant is skin-friendly and suitable for the body, creating absolute safety, does not affect the expression of emotional states on the face, do no harm to health.


* The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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