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Liposonix abdominal liposuction is an advanced abdominal fat reduction method. Ultrasound abdominal liposuction is a modern leisurely approach to remove excess adipose tissue and a safe method of abdominal liposuction to return a neater, slimmer, and more attractive body.


Contemporary methods of Brazilian butt lift.


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The image below is from Viet My Cosmetic Hospital. Copyright belongs to Viet My Aesthetic Hospital. May not be copied in any form.


 Click image to see a clearer before and after image. 

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hút mỡ bơm mông


hút mỡ bơm mông


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hút mỡ nâng mông


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hút mỡ nâng mông cho nam


In case the customer has excess skin, many doctors will perform liposuction combined with a tummy tuck.


căng da bụng


căng da bụng





What is aesthetic abdominal liposuction?.


It is common to see excess fat accumulation in different areas of the body as the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, etc. Cellulite will sap your confidence.


Why is it called Liposonix abdominal liposuction? Which method is safe for abdominal liposuction?.


What makes Liposonix ultrasound liposuction so different?.


Liposonix – or high-intensity focused ultrasound liposuction (fat reduction) – is considered the newest and most advanced method by far. Patients can  resume their daily routine only after 24 hours of treatment.


Classic liposuction uses small cannulas to destruct fat cells mechanically, causing a great deal of bleeding and painful swelling, which results in lengthydowntime. 


- Advantages: no need for modern equipment, reducing the investment cost


- Disadvantages: Classic liposuction does not help collagen regeneration so the affected skin area will be sagging, painful surgical swelling, lengthy downtime. 


Liposonix ultrasound fat reduction breaks down and liquefiesfat cells. 


- Advantages: less swelling and pain, short downtime, the focused ultrasound waves will firm your skin by stimulating collagen regeneration. For the classic approach, we must remove excess skin in areas of medium skin excess. The focused ultrasound technology will help to tighten excess skin after 2 weeks.


- Disadvantage: A Liposonix machine made in the US costs as much as 20 billion dongs. Only a very few hospitals in Ho Chi Minh City can afford it. 


Post-procedure care.


- After the ultrasound liposuction procedure, you are required to wear a specialized garment for 2 weeks that helps to firm and tighten the excess skin.


- 1-week post-procedure, you can go jogging, after 02 weeks you can resume other exercises such as belly exercise, yoga.


- To whom should weight loss surgery be recommended?: Abdominal liposuction is indicated to those with little or medium fat and skin excess.  


Two solutions to keep in mind as regards to ultrasound fat reduction (liposuction).


Liposonix uses high intensity focused ultrasound energy to liquefy fat cells. This ultrasound energy can penetrate through skin layers and reach fat cells without damaging the surrounding cells. There are 2 solutions for your choice:


If you pursue non-surgical fat reduction after the Liposonix procedure is done, the fat cells will be liquefied and gradually excreted through the urethra in 8 weeks. This method is advantageously non-surgical. You can go home and resume daily routine 1 hour after the treatment. However, the downside is that you must be on a diet for 8 weeks to get rid of liquefied fat. If you do not abstain from starch and fatty meats, the liquefied fat will not be completely excreted as expected. Then the fat reduction results will be under par.


If you are into Liposonix ultrasound treatment, after the fat is liquefied by the ultrasound energy, the doctor will make small incisions and suck out all the liquefied fat. This solution gives immediate results as all of the excess fat is removed instantly. It does not require 8-week abstinence as the foresaid solution does. Also, it will be convenient for you to have the excess fat relocated tothe chest, buttocks, face, etc. and the fat so relocated will exist forever. The downside is that you have to undergo invasive surgery with small incisions.


The ultrasound abdominal liposuction procedure is performed as shown in the above clip. 


 - The patient undergoes all preoperative tests


 - Ultrasound liposuction procedures must be performed in an operating room.


Sedation in ultrasound liposuction: analgesia or anesthesia.


During ultrasound liposuction, the doctor uses an ultrasound probe to liquefy the excess fat and then make a 2mm incision through which the ultrasound-liquefied fat is sucked out.


How is abdominal etching (6-pack) liposuction done?.


You may get the doctor’s advice on how to get a 6-pack abdomen. Before performing liposuction, the doctor will, depending on the customer's choice, operate as follow:


- For a customer who is trapped in workout boredom, during liposuction the doctor will leave a certain amount of fat at the 6-pack muscles which have been marked previously. After the procedure, the customer will see his abdomen with clear 6-packs. So, the patient need not work out to gain a 6-pack. However, because the 6 packs are composed of fat, it may look like a 6-pack from far away but when seen closely it appears nothing related to workout achievement.


- If the customer has routine exercise, during abdominal liposuction, the doctor will suck all of the subcutaneous fat layers to expose the abdominal muscles. After two weeks post-procedure, the customer can work out and the six-pack muscles will be visible. The advantage is that customers will have a perfect 6-pack as if they gain it upon GYM exercise. A small shortcoming is that customers have to work out to reveal their 6-pack muscle.


How 6-pack upon abdominal etching liposuction and upon workout are different.


- GYM practice for 6-pack requires a harsh diet and hard workout. This is the way to lose all of the subcutaneous fat thereby revealing the abdominal muscles.


- 6-pack abdominal etching liposuction will help you to remove all of the subcutaneous fat without an extreme diet and workout. You only need to follow a low-pressure workout routine to gain a real 6-pack.  


Classic abdominal liposuction: This involves a liposuction machine with a pure metal suction tube, which is inserted directly into the fat tissue. The doctor will move the suction tube back and forth to break down the fat tissue and suck it out. This method breaks down fat cells mechanically, thus causing more bleeding and painful swelling than ultrasound abdominal liposuction. 




Note: This method can apply to all types of fat reduction such as calf, abdominal, eye, foot and thigh liposuction.


Post-procedure care for ultrasound abdominal liposuction.


After an ultrasound abdominal liposuction procedure, you will wear a specialized bandage for 1-2 weeks.




You can resume your daily routine after a day and work hard after a week post-procedure.


The below endoscopic abdominal liposuction images are of  Vietnam America Cosmetic Hospital. Copyright belongs to Vietnam America Cosmetic Hospital. Do not copy in any form.


* The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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