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Liposonix treatment is an advanced non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction treatment that allows patients to resume their daily routine immediately post-treatment without downtime. Many people solve abdominal obesity by recourse to an available time-saving solution: abdominal liposuction.


However, classic liposuction involves painful surgery, swelling and long convalescence. This is not the case nowadays as the evolvement of modern medicine exposes us to a non-surgical fat reduction method called Liposonix fat reduction using high-intensity focused ultrasound energy.


Miss Ky Duyen


Miss Ky Duyen lost 10kg of fat by liposonix liposuction.





Video Liposonix non-surgical abdominal liposuction





The mechanism of action of the Liposonix ultrasonic liposuction device.


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hút mỡ nâng mông cho nam


hút mỡ nâng mông cho nam


In cases where a patient has excess skin, many doctors will perform liposuction combined with a tummy tuck.




hút mỡ bụng sau 7 ngày


hút mỡ bụng sau 7 ngày


vừa hút mỡ bụng sau 3 ngày


What makes Liposonix different ?.


Liposonix is the most advanced treatment by far for fat reduction. It is non-surgical, non-invasive and allows patients to resume their daily routine immediately post-treatment without downtime.


Classic liposuction uses small cannulas to destruct fat cells mechanically, causing a great deal of bleeding and painful swelling. Liposonix has fat cells destroyed, and liquefied by high intensity focused ultrasound energy. This method is prominent for that it does not cause either painful swelling or bleeding like the classic method does yet gives high-fat reduction effect.


Two solutions to keep in mind as regard to ultrasound fat reduction (liposuction).


Liposonix uses high intensity focused ultrasound energy to liquefy fat cells. This ultrasound energy can penetrate through skin layers and reach fat cells without damaging the surrounding cells. There are 2 solutions for your choice.


If you pursue non-surgical fat reduction after the Liposonix procedure is done, the fat cells will be liquefied and gradually excreted through the urethra in 8 weeks. This method is advantageously non-surgical. You can go home and resume daily routine 1 hour after the treatment. However, the downside is that you must be on a diet for 8 weeks to get rid of liquefied fat. If you do not abstain from starch and fatty meats, the liquefied fat will not be completely excreted as expected. Then the fat reduction results will be under par.


If you are into Liposonix ultrasound treatment, after the fat is liquefied by the ultrasound energy, the doctor will make small incisions and suck out all the liquefied fat. This solution gives immediate results as all of the excess fat is removed instantly. It does not require 8-week abstinence as the foresaid solution does. Also, it will be convenient for you to have the excess fat relocated tothe chest, buttocks, face, etc. and the fat so relocated will exist forever. The downside is that you have to undergo invasive surgery with small incisions. See the Liposonix ultrasound abdominal liposuction procedure.


The Liposonix ultrasound method can apply to all areas in need of fat reduction such as calves, abdomen, eyes, thighs, etc. Furthermore, this technology enhances skin firmness because the ultrasound wave stimulates collagen production, which could not be achieved by the classic approach.


Post-operative care:


After a non-surgical fat reduction treatment, you must wear a specialized garment for one week and physical exercise may be resumed after that week.


For ultrasound liposuction, you must wear a specialized garment for 2 weeks.


Is Liposonix effective for non-surgical abdominal liposuction ?.


If your build is close to your ideal but you need some help to achieve the desired physique, then non-surgical abdominal liposuction will be a perfect choice. Liposonix uses non-invasive high-intensity focused ultrasound to remove targeted fat cells around the waistline (abdominal region and excess belly fat) without incision.


Outcomes of Liposonix non-surgical abdominal liposuction.


Super-fast belly fat reduction can be seen within 8 to 12 weeks (this is a necessary period of time for the body to naturally metabolize targeted fat cells).


Liposonix is neither a surgical procedure nor a substitute for exercise and a healthy lifestyle. However, this is a quick and easy way to lose fat, tighten your waist and achieve your ideal body shape.   


Note:Today the US-made Liposonix’s high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology has many copy versions in China and South Korea, where, however, it translate into poor outcomes. It should be also noted that salt, ginger or ice has not been scientifically proven as a fruitful solution for abdominal fat reduction.


How much does Liposonix cost ?.


The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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