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What is a full face lift ?. Also known as Mega Face lift ?.


Full Face lift is the best facelift method available today. Skin and subcutaneous structure play an important role in the overall beauty of the face. Skin, aging, and facial structure can change over time. Aging will cause facial skin to wrinkle, sag and usually appear after the age of 35.



trước sau căng da mặt toàn phần


hình ảnh trước sau căng da mặt toàn phần


Bác sĩ Chiêm Quốc Thái căng da mặt toàn phần cho Ông Philipcăng da mặt toàn diện, cang da mat toan dien, phương pháp căng da mặt, phuong phap cang da mat


Phẫu thuật căng da mặt nội soi, phau thuat cang da mat noi soi


Which face lift method should I choose ?.


Aging can be noticed in individual areas of the face (forehead area, cheekbones area, temples, chin area, neck area) or on the entire face. Facelift surgery will then help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, gives the face a more youthful shape.


Depending on the degree and area of aging skin, the surgeon will choose a method of full face lift or partial face lift reasonably to bring beautiful results.


Căng da mặt toàn phần, cang da mat toan phan, tham my cang da mat, thẩm mỹ căng da mặt, phẫu thuật căng da mặt, phau thuat cang da mat


Why it’s done ?.


The face is made up of skin, fat and muscles located on the facial skeleton. The collagen, muscle, and subcutaneous fat systems often change over time. Under the damage of sunlight and other factors such as age, stress, etc… the skin and subcutaneous tissue will gradually decrease in elasticity, looseness, sagging, forming defects - hollows and wrinkles on the face.


Skin tightening positions.


There are many face lift positions, each of which can be applied to different areas of the face.


- The upper face lift is aimed at rejuvenating the forehead area.


- Mid face lift aims to rejuvenate the temples and cheek bones.


- Lower face lift for the purpose of rejuvenating the chin, neck - jaw angle.


- Full Face lift  includes a mid face lift and a lower face lift.


Preparation for surgery.


-  Face lift surgery takes about two to three hours.


-  Method face lift insensitivity (Painless face lift):  anesthesia or sedation.


1. Incision in full face lift.


Căng da mặt 1 lần duy nhất, gia cang da mat, giá căng da mặt, căng da mặt giá bao nhiêu tiền


The surgical incision starts at the temples in hairline. It continues down and around the front of the ears. It ends behind the ears in the lower scalp. So the scar is mostly hidden in the hair and the scar is very small.


Tissue detachment.


Through the skin incision, the doctor will separate the skin from the subcutaneous tissue layer and fix the SMAS layer.


In case neck lift is required during facelift surgery, the doctor will make a small incision below the chin, through which the neck muscles can be sutured and the sagging tissue removed.


Stretch SMAS layer for facial skin.


Căng da mặt không đau, cang da mat khong dau, căng da mặt giá bao nhiêu, cang da mat gia bao nhieu, cang da mat gia bao nhieu tien


SMAS is a layer of tissue that includes facial muscles and connective tissue. The doctor will lift and sew the SMAS layer tightly to the internal structures of the face to help tighten facial muscles.


Neck lift.


cang da mat 1 lan duy nhat, cang da mat bao nhieu tien, căng da mặt bao nhiêu tiền, cang da mat khong dau


Similar to SMAS, the doctor will sew tight neck muscles and remove the chin fat to reduce sagging.


Skin closer.


Chi phí căng da mặt, chi phi cang da mat, Chi phí căng da mặt nội soi, chi phi cang da mat noi soi


Doctor will remove the excess skin and stitch the skin with sutures.


Post-surgery care for a full face lift.


You will wear a specialized dressing for a week, it will help reduce swelling, as well as help you feel comfortable in daily activities. The face will be swollen and bruised and will decrease after a week. The sutures were cut after 7 days. You avoid heavy work for the first two weeks.


Results after face lift surgery.


Your face will become naturally young and beautiful after 2-3 weeks and the scar will fade and be hidden in the hair. At the same time, a facelift dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles on your face and neck, helping to restore a much more youthful appearance you desire.


>>>  Face lift is an effective method of skin tightening today for those with a lot of sagging in the middle and lower face.


New trend in face lift.


Although a full face lift or endoscopic face lift is the most optimal facelift method, for young people under 45 years of age, thread lift with "Nano Collagen 3D" or 24K gold thread, is less invasive, is the latest trend in mid-face lift, especially the nasolabial folds.


The result also depends on the natural disposition of each person.

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